About Us

Parhelion Global Communications Advisors - An Overview

Company Information

Parhelion-GCA offers independent, innovative and pragmatic strategic advisory services to Service Providers – both communications and other industry verticals – who are looking to be relevant in the new world of the Connected Society. Our business operationalization and monetization models will ensure that your optimum role and value will be obtained and our experience with transformation will enable you to accomplish your objectives in the most expeditious and cost effective manner. Parhelion-GCA’s partners and senior advisors have provided services for over 80 companies in more than 50 countries on all continents. In addition, a range of strategy services including strategic positioning for Mergers and Acquisitions have been provided to leading Investment, Vendor and Services organizations with a focus on addressing the world of M2M/IoE and the Industrial Internet. Established in 2010 as a vendor independent management, business and technology consultancy by Colin Orviss and Mary Whatman, Parhelion-GCA’s goal is to offer pragmatic advice to the industry using a team of exceptionally qualified experts in their field.

Our Principles

Parhelion-GCA engages the highest quality talent and empowers these individuals to do the right thing for our customers by demonstrating:

  • Good judgment
  • Cutting edge innovation
  • Strong passion
  • Utmost honesty
  • Absolute integrity

Objectivity & Integrity

While we pride ourselves on our considerable practical knowledge about supplier solutions, Parhelion-GCA is in a unique position that allows us to make impartial evaluation and objective recommendations that best fit the specific context of each customer. We offer documented and unbiased opinions and solutions based on proven strategies, operational excellence and best business practices

Industry Focus and Experience

The Connected Society is our field of expertise. Based on knowledge obtained through our combined experiences, we deliver expertise based consultancy services to all organizations working to find their way in the digital world. Practical experience is Parhelion-GCA’s differentiator. All of our consultants and CxO level advisor partners have extensive hands-on experience through a powerful combination of operational background and in-depth management skills. Parhelion-GCA is not a traditional market research firm nor do we belong to a group of global general management consulting firms. We specialize in preparing companies for the challenges of the second decade of the 21st century.

Global Presence

We have positioned ourselves to respond to the various needs of our customers around the globe. Parhelion-GCA has an extensive network of consultants located through Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and the Americas who are prepared to travel to your location to deliver our services.