Connected Life Innovator Services

Embracing the change and defining YOUR role in the eco-system

The future of the Connected Society is evolving today in the initiatives around IoT/IoE/M2M and the Industrial Internet. The key to a company’s success in this evolving new world is embracing the change and defining its role in the eco-system thus adapting itself to remain relevant. Change and innovation is and will continue to be a core element of a company’s success. Leveraging our global activities to date, Parhelion have created a suite of models addressing such things as business positioning and role, business architecture, information (data) based technical architecture, operationalization and monetization. These are used as the foundation for the following services we provide to companies, investors and interested parties embracing the change:

  • Strategic positioning assessment and role definition
  • Business model refinement and transformation approaches
  • New business, technical and operational architectures
  • New monetization models internally and across vertical offers
  • Eco-system partnering creation, contract definition and value sharing models
  • Company Connected Society relevance assessments
  • Startup advisory services for Companies, investors and shareholders

Your role in the Connected Society is dependent on your ability and willingness to embrace and adapt to it.