Program Leadership Services

Transformational programs

Driving transformational programs – establishing the program foundation from a people, process, technology and change management perspective – increasing the potential to meet both stakeholder and business objectives:

  • Governance: Definition and implementation of a pragmatic governance structure at the strategic, operational and tactical levels with reasonable transparency and controls for all stakeholders
  • Partner Engagement Model: Using proven models and methodologies to fast track the selection of a partner(s) and establish the optimum engagement model (outsourcing, managed services, partnership, value based relationships) with the appropriate terms and conditions. Additional support and guidance is available to those implementing partnerships or value based relationships in the IoT/IoE and Industrial Internet
  • Enterprise Architecture: New requirements and architectural designs are now being adopted for the IoT/IoE and Industrial Internet with Parhelion-GCA models becoming more widely adopted by companies and vendors alike.
  • Solution Architecture: Creation of an interim and end state solution architecture required to deliver to business and stakeholder objectives for a defined period of time
  • Business Change Management: Definition and implementation of the changes required to individuals, teams and organizations during a transformation program
  • Investor and Company Transformational Assistance: Supporting the transformational efforts of companies and investors as executive mentors and/or members of the Board or Advisory Boards

Pragmatic leadership is rarely learned from a book but garnered through experience