Program Alignment Services

Ensuring critical elements of transformation programs

Ensuring the key and critical elements of transformation programs – whether evolutionary or revolutionary (e.g. for the Industrial Internet/Connected Society) they are targeted to meet business and corporate requirements for the defined scope, timelines, cost and quality while also addressing impacts of the ongoing operational changes. Our services include:

  • Program Optimization and Rebalancing: maximize the program benefits and minimize possible negative outcomes by identifying corrective action as early as possible
  • Program Audits and Health Checks: An independent and detailed review of all key program elements from a technical governance, financial, commercial, schedule, quality, implementation and risk perspective with recommendations on corrective actions
  • Managed Services Assessment: Assess the existing sourcing and partnering strategy with a focus on governance, contract, relationship management, operationalization and risk to ensure that the optimum relationship model is defined and benefits are maximized
  • Post Program Implementation Review: Assess the process, technical and change management implementation against expected or planned stakeholder outcomes including the creation of an action plan to address outstanding risks, issues and concerns

All programs have challenges, but independent check-ups will make you and the program better