Solution Delivery Services

Overseeing and contributing to success

Overseeing and contributing to success – complementing the internal skills of the organization as they are realigned for the transformation program, Parhelion-GCA provides key skills to both the new programs and legacy organizations to address interim resource/expertise needs:

  • Services Delivery Model: Definition of the program, legacy, and interim organizational governance, processes, policies and models to address all stakeholder needs.
  • Partner Management: Managing formal (Operational Level Agreements) and informal relationships with all parties engaged in the transformation to drive to program success
  • Technical Advisory: Providing advice, guidance and deliverables for the enterprise, process, technical solution and data solutions based on our vast industry and global knowledge
  • Key Staff Augmentation: Temporary fulfillment of key and/or critical skills in the program or legacy organizations required to achieve program success.
  • Companies and Investors: Advising on new opportunities and directions/visions for the future while refining their potential roles and the changes needed to take advantage of the Connected Society.

Delivery success is directly proportional to your ability to identify and manage your issues and risks